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Update from Benjamin Wempe

| August 21, 2013 | 0 Comments

Sneekweek 2013

Since last year’s October I didn’t sail any races due to my knee injury and surgery. I was given the go ahead by the surgeon to sail again, I sailed the ‘Sneekweek’ to get the routine again and to check how my knee would react while sailing! I almost didn’t have any pain, so I’m quite happy about that.

The ‘Sneekermeer’, the lake we were sailing on, is not very big and it was very crowded during the week because there were many boats on the water! There were a lot differences in pressure and wind angle, so that was hard to handle during the races but I managed this okay. Without my discard I finished everything in top three, and my discard was a fourth place. With these results I finished second overall. I’m very pleased with the result especially as I’ve not been in the boat for more than five months.

The first qualifiers will already start in September, so I amSneekweek Image focused on that. For now I will be getting plenty of exercise on my bike to get my knee stronger.

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