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European Championships in Ireland – Update

| September 10, 2013 | 0 Comments

It has been a great week with some of the most challenging conditions possible. Big tidal flows, very gusty winds, with the wind swinging some days up to 80 degrees proved for some tough racing and became a matter of not how many top rests you slotted in but more keeping the bad results not too costly. Every single sailor experienced the back part of the race course playing catch up and some more times then they planned.

Jeemin sailed well and with his first turn out against that caliber fleet since the games over a year ago slotted a solid 25th overall, which with the time since he last sailed in that size and level of fleet and the conditions turned out well. Over 30+ countries competed and with 15 countries in the top 25 it showed it was a fully international affair. 

The last day of racing we experienced a chilly northerly breeze which made Jeemin very grateful to have the warmer kit you provided and so a huge thank you for this. My jacket also took lots of punishment throughout the week with 26 knots, big swells and a chilly Irish sea temps, but i stayed dry, comfortable and of course looked good. (Well the jacket looked good not sure whether I did ha ha)

We now are returning back to the UK for a few days rest and recovery before Jeemin heads to Holland for the Dutch Nationals and a training camp with the Dutch squad which will be a great opportunity.


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