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Elite Firewire Matrix

Any product from NEILPRYDE SAILING bearing the ELITE logo represents the pinnacle product design and function. Born from extensive research and development programmes incorporating design input from respected designers and athletes alike, ELITE series products have no peers. When using an ELITE product you can be assured you have given yourself every possible advantage, allowing you to relax, let our equipment do its job, whilst you get on with yours; Going FAST!

FIREWIRE matrix products are constructed from the highest quality limestone neoprene which features the MATRIX, a unique honeycombe of tiny Airdome chambers which trap air, significantly increasing thermal insulation and at the same time reducing weight and bulk.  Heat retention is further increased by the FIREWIRE polypropylene hollow fibre liner.  Featuring glued and blindstitched seams the FIREWIRE is the ultimate in cold water, high performance technical protection. Also available in Young Gun sizing.
TEMP Guide 0 – 15